2017 4th of July Parade

Parade Theme: “Celebrate Independence”

The 2017 Clarkston Fourth of July Parade will step off from St.Daniel Catholic Church at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4. Approximately 10,000 spectators line the streets of Clarkston for the parade. Over 100 entries are expected for the parade. This is a great place to increase awareness of your business, candidacy or community organization with a float or a walking entry. Community, business and political entries are welcome to march in the parade. There is a $35 entry fee for business and political entries that must accompany applications. Applications should be sent to the Clarkston Parade, P. O. Box 891, Clarkston 48347.

Register for the Clarkston 4th of July Parade here.

For a paper copy of the registration form, click here.

For more information, call 248 514 1729 or 248 620 2984 or email the clarkstonparade@gmail.com

Bike Parade

Kids decorate your bike for the 4th of July and come ride in the parade. A bike “wrangler area” will be set up in the northwest area of St. Daniel Catholic Church parking lot. Kids and bikes do not have to preregister but be in the parking lot by 9:00 a.m. the morning of the parade. Remember parents, no parking on the St. Daniel Catholic Church parking lot.

Parade Route

The 2017 Clarkston July 4 Parade will step off on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. from the St. Daniel Catholic Church parking lot onto Valley Park Drive. The parade continues across Holcomb Road onto Miller Rd. The parade makes a 90 degree right turn on M-15/Main Street at the end of Miller Road and proceeds through the residental area to downtown Clarkston.

Two announcers are commentating on the parade. One at 90 N. Main Street and the parade will stop for the singing of the national anthem. The parade will continue down into the business area of Clarkston and will stop in front of former Clarkston State Bank, where the national anthem will be sung.

The entries will continue on Main Street making a left turn onto Church Street and proceed east on Church Street. Church Street has a downward slope and a small hill.

Smaller units may exit through the Renaissance High School parking lot and larger, heavier units should proceed to Cherrylawn Ave and make a right turn into the Renaissance High School parking lot. The parade ends at the Renaissance High School parking lot on Waldon Road.

Parking is available at the Clarkston Elementary and Clarkston Junior High School on July 4. Parade participants are encouraged to park in those areas and walk to St. Daniel Catholic Church if they are on a float or in a walking group. Their car will be at the end of the parade and waiting for them at the end of the parade. There is NO parking on the grounds of St. Daniel Catholic Church for parade participants.

If parade vehicles want to return to the St. Daniel Catholic Church, they need to exit Renaissance High School onto Waldon Road going west to M-15, take a left on M-15 to Dixie Hwy. Go north on Dixie Hwy. to Deerhill Drive approximately 3 miles. Turn right on Deerhill Drive and follow it for two miles to Holcomb Rd. Take a right on Holcomb Rd and you will be back at the church.

There is NO PARKING for parade participants on the grounds of St. Daniel Catholic Church. Cars can be parked in the surrounding neighborhood or at Calvary Lutheran Church on Bluegrass Drive.



Parade Lineup posted on Clarkstonparade.org


Parade Applications Due

Please call or email the Parade Committee if you missed the application date


7:00 a.m. Parade Lineup begins – Applications are emailed times


9:00 am. – Floats are judged


10:00 a.m. – Parade Steps Off